GWEN WILL CONTINUE TO BE AN UNRELENTING ADVOCATE FOR CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM AS YOUR CONGRESSWOMAN.  She has been fighting for two decades for freedom, equity and justice for all Oklahomans who have been victimized by Oklahoma’s for-profit prison industrial complex.   Gwen will continue the fight to:

  • Abolish Private Prisons
  • Create Proportionate and Even-handedly Applied Structured Sentencing 
  • Treat rather than criminalize people with mental health and substance abuse disorders
  • Immediately release eligible and rehabilitated persons on parole in order to decrease state spending on Corrections and redirect those funds to Education
  • Create COMMUNITY BASED treatment, diversion, and reintegration opportunities as envisioned under the Second Chance Act
  • Restore voting rights to former felons 
  • Adequately Fund Police and Community Trust Initiatives to End the Cycle of Fear and Violence within both Groups
  • Focus and Fund Law Enforcement Efforts to Protect the Vulnerable, Investigate Violent Crime and Solve the Thousands of OSBI’s Cold Rape Cases

Gwen’s organization, The Advocacy Council, along with The Peoples Foundation, Eve, and the AllinOne Project have filed a federal lawsuit to fuel the grassroots movement and to activate impacted communities.

This 2012 documentary produced by the United Methodist Church General Board of Church and Society featured Gwen’s advocacy work while on the UMC National Criminal Justice Superstars coalition. The UMC covered advocates across the globe. The Oklahoma feature begins 18:32 minutes into the video and runs about 12 minutes.