Social Security & Medicare

Gwen will fight to protect Social Security & Medicare benefits that people have worked their lives to earn. NO cuts. Period.

Gwen supports a tax cut for the middle class and small businesses – not more sweetheart tax breaks for powerful corporations and quid pro quo arrangements that give corporations more policy making influence in our Legislature than Oklahoma citizens have.

Gwen graduated from the University of Oklahoma and attended the University of Tulsa College of Law. She is a strong believer that quality education is the first step on the path to prosperity. Oklahoma has utterly failed our students, teachers and we have got to make redesigning and funding our educators and student the number one priority for our state. Lack of education lies at the intersection of generational poverty and mass incarceration. Gwen will be on the front lines in Congress crafting legislation that aggressively defends teachers, students and the right to state of the art public school systems.

Gwen believes quality affordable healthcare is a right for ALL Americans. She wants to give Americans more choice in their healthcare plans, including allowing those under 65 to purchase Medicare. She supports expansion that provides “Sooner Care” health insurance to all working poor Oklahomans.

Corrupt Government
Gwen has been on the front lines of the anti-corruption movement for over a decade. There are legislative vehicles and federal codes that, if enforced, would drastically reduce corruption at the state level. Former Oklahoma Attorney General now EPA Director Scott Pruitt is just one of many examples of Oklahoma’s tolerance and normalizing of corruption. Gwen will be Oklahoma’s watchdog to ensure transparency and accountability in our state and federal governments.

Divisiveness in Washington
Gwen feels that our country far too divided. Gwen has experience working with both Democrats and Republicans in the Oklahoma State Legislature and will take that spirit of balanced, fact-based analysis to solve serious problems for her constituents and our nation as a whole.

Immigration & Border Security
Gwen believes that Americans seem to have lost sight of the fact that America is a nation of immigrants.  Our work should be focused on creating comprehensive immigration reform that allows for a path to citizenship for the DREAMers, better enforcement of existing immigration laws, and increasing border security using innovative technology rather than just a simple wall.